Labour, please rethink your Brexit-agenda

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Labour, its time to rethink your current Brexit agenda

von Juso-Vorsitzendem Philip Raillon, 31.1. 2017

Dear Labour-Party,

Since June 23rd, 2016, the European idea has had a crack. It was the day, a majority of the British voted for leaving the European Union. It was the day, European politics and economies were shaken roughly.

For a few months, it seemed like the decision would  have been made. Most of the ruling politicians, especially the British government, were and are still afraid of stepping away from the referendum results.

But now the British Supreme Court decided that triggering Article 50 of the TEU is not an administrative move of the government, it is a decision that has to be taken by parliament. This gives you, dear Labour Party, the opportunity to rethink your agenda to support the Brexit.

I, a young social-democrat student, would like to ask you to rethink the Brexit decision again. The Brexit is one among a few nationalistic movements in several countries: USA first. Russia first. Turkey first. China first. Poland first. Great Britain first. Well. There is one big problem of this strange but modern ideology: Not everyone can be the first. This way of thinking, this loss of solidarity with neighbouring countries, other peoples and individual humans will not lead to a success. It will just lead to conflicts – big conflicts.

Furthermore, the decision for leaving the European Union attacks the whole continent and its idea of freedom, solidarity and peace. European history is one of the worst. We, the young generation, are happy to live in a united Europe with the possibilities of travelling, studying abroad and choosing the place to live and work freely. With the British decision of leaving the EU, you make an egoistic move. A united Europe without the United Kingdom is not only a hard task, it also hasn’t been imaginable for years.

You shouldn’t forget the signal the British trigger of article 50 gives to nationalistic movements in other states in Europe. Why, when the British leave, should other countries stay under the rules of Brussels? Why should they support a European idea, if the most important peace-keeper leaves? Well – it is obviously not that easy to explain it. But there is one way to do so: If the UK will suffer in the next years. If the UK will struggle economically and politically. That would show other states that there it is worth to remain in the Union. But is that what you want? It isn’t what we want, that’s for sure.

We mainly do not want it for the more than 16 million British people, who voted ‚Remain’. And we especially don’t want it for all the young people. In this – our generation, the future of the UK and Europe – the majority voted for staying in a united Europe. These are the people who rejected the populistic attempts of convincing the British people that a Brexit would be better.

Of course, we know that it is hard for politicians to disregard the will of a majority of a referendum. But the recent judgment shows that it wasn’t a legally binding decision. It makes clear what is the base of our European parliamentary democracies: The parliaments with its politicians are the decision-maker. The citizens send people they trust to the parliament to make hard and complex decisions. That is why I would like to apply to your conscience!

Do what is correct for a responsible, solidary and European politicians. Follow your first intention and work on the British remain in the EU. It is time to act. Help us, the Europeans, to make our continent and our union better. It is time to improve our common union, not to destroy it. Leaving instead of using one’s own vote to improve, is not the best way of making something better. 

Your Philip

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